SmartByte detects and prioritizes video and communication traffic to ensure online video experiences that are fast and smooth.

By automatically detecting and prioritizing your video and real-time communication packets above the network traffic for other, less urgent, applications, SmartByte delivers your critical packets up to 50% faster.   SmartByte ensures nothing on your computer is stealing the valuable network bandwidth that you need to have a great online video experience.  Without SmartByte, your videos can freeze and stutter during times of heavy network contention but SmartByte ensures smooth, crisp video and communication.

With its four-level priority system, SmartByte prioritizes traffic in the follow order:

    1. Communication traffic
    2. Streaming video traffic
    3. Normal traffic
    4. Download and application update traffic

Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 –  Smartbyte uses Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology to detect thousands of applications, and websites,  and then it prioritizes the most important packets for fast, smooth communication and online entertainment experiences.

Simple UI:  SmartByte contains a simple, easy to use interface that lets users pick which operation mode they would like to be in. Most users will see the maximum benefits in the automatic mode, but users can easily switch to one of the other modes if it benefits their specific use case.